About Us

A tranquil sanctuary of Bali’s calm and quiet spirit, Donna Spa provides a complete programme of body massages, beauty treatments and spiritual healing, infused with years of experience and wisdom from traditional Balinese healers. With products made from 100% natural ingredients and the enchanting ambience of imported Balinese deco, Donna Spa promises an unforgettable health spa moment like no other. Let our therapists pamper you from head to toe with famous massages that have become our trademark. 

Located in the bustling heart of Kuala Lumpur, Donna’s  Spa is a window into your very own personal Bali gateway. Equipped with seven private rooms including 3 rooms designed specially for couples seeking romantic gateways, our establishment offers you the best of traditional and modern touches.

At Donna Spa, we understand that each person has individual and unique needs. Whether you are a lady who wishes to be discrete (concealed changing rooms), or someone who requires special attention for health reasons (lowered massage tables), we have everything you need. Our rooms are secure with electronics safes, our equipment is people-friendly and our therapists will do everything to ensure your spa experience will be an unforgettable one.

 If you are in search of a place to nourish both body and soul, look no further than Donna Spa – Kuala Lumpur’s best kept secret.

Our specialty lies in the magic of our therapists, their fingers weaving magic to relieve aching bodies and tired minds with none other than authentic Balinese massages and treatments.

Complementing our expertise in massage, Donna Spa also offers many other services that aim to give you total relaxation, cleansing and rejuvenation that soothes that body, calms the mind and lightens the soul. 

All this we do with the highest attention to authenticity and traditional practices. From genuine Balinese furniture and refreshments, to local Bali therapists trained and certified in Bali, we do not compromise on quality and authenticity.